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Rates for plans and additional services...


$500 base plan / setup fee + $0.60 per square foot -
Square footage calculation includes all floors, decks, basement, garages or ancillary buildings

Example: 1st floor = 1400 s.f.
2nd floor = 985 s.f.
Deck = 325 s.f.
Total SF = 2,710 s.f.

2,710 s.f. @ $0.60 per s.f. or $1,626.00 (FLOORPLAN / ELEVATION PLAN TOTAL COST)

Additional work,, such as:

                        Addition of electrical plans for both floors = $1,000 (see attached pricing sheet)
                       Addition of 2D site plan = $800 (minimum fee – see pricing, but typical for many lots)
                       Site plan with topographic contour data (TN LiDAR) additional $500: Total $1,300
                       REVISED TOTAL WITH ADDITIONAL SERVICES = $1,626 + $1,000 + $800 = $3,426
                                                                                                             With Topographic data = $3,926

The above basic plan price also includes up to 2 interior or exterior revisions, such as moving interior walls, adding doors or windows, changing siding to brick, etc. It does not include major structural or roof changes, unless plan production has not yet started. Once plan production has started, revisions in excess of 2, as described above, will be charged at $80 / hr. Edits to completed plan sets will be at $80/hr with a $400.00 minimum. This includes client meeting time / trip charges if on site, as well as subsequent plan editing / alteration time per hour spent by Designer.

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Initial floorplan preparation will be based on information / sketch / layout you provide. Up to 2 modifications will be made to your initial layout after starting on plans. Substantial changes (as determined by Designer) will require an additional $200 edit fee plus $80 per hour, if plans are already substantially in process. This includes either adding or subtracting square footage. If change produces no significant square footage difference, but are substantial nonetheless, once plans are significantly in process, edits will be at an additional $80 per hour.

Intermediate plan sets will be emailed to client for review in Adobe PDF format at no charge. Alternatively, if client wishes to have intermediate hardcopy (11x17) prints mailed, they will be sent at a cost of $30 per mailing, plus postal fee via USPS  regular mail,. If client requests overnight shipment of hardcopy plans, then those additional costs will apply as applicable at the time.

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If plans are for addition to or renovation of an existing home, an As-Built of the home will be required prior to plan preparation. As Built measurements / base drawing will be at $80 per hour plus associated trip fee(s) for meeting with owner, measurements/photos etc.  Access to the interior of the home will be scheduled with owner for a mutually agreeable time and duration. Design fee once As-built is completed will be at $0.60 per s.f., with a minimum fee of $800.00. As-Built fees at $80 per hour for measurements / base drawing are in addition to basic plan set design fee of $0.60 per s.f. / minimum $800 and any other additional services (such as electrical or site plans) as requested by client.




bulletElectrical plans $800 per floor (up to 3,000 s.f., $400/1,000 s.f. or fraction thereof after), including garage, basement, etc. 
Electrical plans are schematic in nature for fixture & lighting layout only, not circuit diagrams. HVAC is not included. 
bulletRoof or Floor Framing Layout Plan (not roof or floor truss design) - $300 per floor / roof


bulletAdditional plan sets available for $20 each set (11x17) or $40 each set (24x36). Larger size sets (up to 30x42) are available for additional fee.


bulletAdditional Final Plan Set n Adobe PDF format, emailed - $20


bulletInterior or exterior 3-D renderings - $20 per view (8 ½ x 11 b/w) - other renderings available on a quote basis, including color (up to 11x17)


bullet3-D cutaway views - $25 per view (8 ½ x 11 b/w)


bulletPlanting plan - $80 / hr. (minimum $600)
bulletPlot (site) plan – minimum of $800 – (client provides survey or tax map) - Topographic / grading additional: $500
                                                                - current survey will be required if setbacks, easements or other property conditions affect permitting

bulletReverse plan – right reading - $250 minimum

bulletField visits for house siting, view location, meet with builder (at client request) etc. $80 / hr, onsite + $30 trip charge per visit (if over 10 miles one way)

bulletDoor & window schedule - $50


bulletRoom or House Addition Plans - $1,000 minimum (includes 2 site visits) 
                       Note: As-built of existing structure required prior to addition plan prep @ $80/hour


See SAMPLE PLANS page for rendering, detail and other images....


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