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I prepare plans for use by homeowners, builders and developers in Sevier County, TN and surrounding counties. Some builders and some areas require more detail than others, so I provide a range of plan services to meet these needs


Many times, a builder may only have need of a basic plan set for construction.  This consists of the following:

bulletDimensioned foundation and floor plan(s)

bulletExterior, annotated elevations.and relevant general notes


Alternatively, the builder or homeowner may desire additional detail, especially if it is a larger, more complex structure. Most of the homes I design are in the 2,000 to 5,000 square foot range, and as such, require additional detail, such as electrical plans, 3-D interior and exterior elevations (views), window and door schedules, etc.

An example of a more detailed plan set would some combination of the following, depending on what is needed by a particular builder or municipality for permitting::



bulletExterior, annotated elevations.  
bulletRelevant general notes  
bulletElectrical plans for all floors  
bulletWindow & door schedules keyed to the floorplan/elevations  
bullet3-D views of exterior and/or interior spaces  
bulletSite plan  
bulletSite plan with topography  

bulletPlanting plan

bullet Additional construction details (wall sections, house sections, custom details)


These additions to the basic plan set are also at additional cost.  For rate information, click HERE.

For a list of additional services, click HERE.

To see a sample plan set, click HERE.

See SAMPLE PLANS page for rendering, detail and other images..


Initial Consultation

As part of the base plan price, we can either meet together (locally) for an initial consultation or communicate via phone or email, to gather basic information on the house layout, overall look, and the particulars of the home you have in mind.

Before we meet, please prepare some type of basic sketch or diagram of the desired floorplan layout, if possible.  If you can include some overall dimensions and exterior elevation(s), that would also be of help.  Write down or sketch any changes desired, such as moving walls, changing dimensions, etc. Be as specific as possible.  You also may want to review home and plan magazines and cut out pictures of a look or a room style/layout you would like.  Many times, this is helpful to dial in a little better on what you are trying to achieve.

Also, before this initial consultation, it would be helpful for you to consider a few things such as :

bulletInitial consultation with client on layout, preferences, etc. What type of home / how large of a home will your lot support?
bulletWhat are the needs for this home for the next several years (i.e: is this the home you will live in, will it be a rental property, etc) ?
bulletWhat is the anticipated budget?
bulletAre there (or will there be) special needs or requirements?

If you have other ideas or preferences, write those down as well and we can go over them in our initial meeting.  The more thought given at the beginning, the more efficient (and quick) the plan preparation will be. As the initial layout process unfolds, you may also mail, email or fax information to me via the contact link above. If faxing, please call first, as this is a voice/fax line.   

Plan preparation process: 

bulletClient pays base design fee of $500 and provides layout and elevations (if available), along with written notes, photos or any other available information pertinent to plan preparation.  
bulletOnce base fee is paid, work begins. Initial floorplan(s) and basic elevations are prepared & submitted to client for review, comment, and modification  
bulletTime frame to supply initial plan based on complexity of plan and existing workload at time of hire. Typically, turnaround time from receipt of client info is 2 - 3 weeks for the initial plan.  
bulletSecond meeting with client (in person or by phone) to review / revise initial plans and elevations  
bulletFloorplan & elevations are finalized based on client comments/modifications  
bulletFinalized plan set prepared & provided to client.
bulletPayment of all remaining fees are due upon receipt of plans.  

The above process can take as little as 3 to 4 weeks, but generally averages around 6 to 8 weeks, based largely on client meetings and client/builder driven adjustments to the plans before being finalized. Each combination of plan/homeowner/builder is different, so time to completion will  vary.

Billing –

Once base fee has been paid and plan work has begun, Client will be billed at regular intervals for work in progress, based on a percentage of completion (determined by Designer).  Payment is due within one week after invoice date.  If payment is not received within that time period, and Client has not made specific arraignments with Designer otherwise, plan work will be stopped until payment is received.  Final payment for finished plan set, based on fees described herein, is due upon delivery of finalized plan set.

Standard Deliverables-

Hardcopy scaled, dimensioned plan sets will be prepared to either 11x17 or 18x24 size.  1 copy (up to 24x36) of the final plan set is included in initial pricing.  Additional services, as noted herein and as requested by the client, will be incorporated in the final delivered plan sets and final price. Additional plan sets also available in hardcopy or digital format, with pricing as noted on the Rates page. Larger (30x42) plan sets also available at additional cost.

Since each plan set is individually drawn for every client, it constitutes significant time and work product by Designer, therefore plans may not be returned for refund or credit for any reason.    


bullet Architectural stamping bullet Structural, mechanical, electrical or civil engineering bullet Land surveying bulletTruss engineering bullet Retaining wall design bulletSoils testing or geotechnical review bullet Construction administration or supervision, bullet Certification or guarantee of construction materials or workmanship bullet Other services or documents not specifically described above











     Did you know?
A current survey of your property will most likely be required by your lender.


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